Executive Team

Ben Kottke

The founder and visionary behind Snapsportz, Ben is a professional photographer, entrepreneur, and marketing guru. He holds over 15 years of experience in actions sports and high end guest photography services. When not working at Snapsportz, Ben enjoys surfing in his home state of Hawaii.


Riley Cooney

As co-founder of Snapsportz, Riley combines over 15 years of professional photography experience with a knack for systems architecture and configurations. When not working with Snapsportz, Riley enjoys surfing in California or snowboarding in Colorado.


The Crew

Mike Dickun

From federal level database and case file software, to custom check in platforms for Comic Con, Mike's worked on some pretty interesting projects. Mike is one of Snapsportz's chief software engineers.


Tony Testa

From large scale applications to various cloud based services, Tony is fluent in a multitude of programing languages, and servers as Snapsportz's partnering lead software engineer.


Steve Zavada

From federal level database infrastructure to vast outdoor multipoint wireless backhaul systems, Steve's built some very extensive projects. Steve serves Snapsportz's lead network engineer.



Keyboarders runs a multinational software and web development operation. Their team of iOS and Android developers assists in the development of Snapsportz mobile products. keyboarders.com